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We don't inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

Hello, I’m Natacha!

Activist. Interior designer. Foodie. Music and art explorer. Passionate learner. Nature lover. And a Dreamer. 
Founder of One Belvedere where we Advocate for sustainable living.

Natacha Fazal Karim, founder of One Belvedere and a creator of Beloved blog.

Welcome to Beloved!

At Beloved, our mission is to inspire and educate individuals like you to take conscious steps toward sustainability. We firmly believe that by embracing an ecological lifestyle, reconnecting with nature, and fostering self-sufficiency, we can make a meaningful impact on the planet.

We envision a world where sustainable practices are embraced, nature is treasured, and future generations inherit a legacy of environmental stewardship.

Join us now on this transformative journey to discover the joys of sustainable living and create a path toward a greener future.

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