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About Marco Castagna

Marco Castgna is a lover of nature who has decided to dedicate his life to preserving it. He has been working with passion in the agricultural field for over twenty years. Both his work and his hobbies see him spend most of his time outdoors. Between mountain biking, gardening, spearfishing and beekeeping, Marco can’t get enough of the countryside. Vines and olive trees are his daily companions, but throughout the years he has also been involved in fruit trees and horticulture. In addition to traditional ways of caring for plants, Marco has worked in the world of organic agriculture and is a certified beekeeper. Marco is One Belvedere’s Bee expert.

Marco Castagna, member of ground team at One Belvedere

When did you find out you wanted to enter the world of agriculture/ wine making?

About 25 years ago, I had the good fortune to work with elderly people who were very passionate about agriculture, and I immediately developed a liking for the vine. I felt a strong connection from the very beginning. It is a generous and humble plant.

What do you like most about the trade?

I enjoy the world of wine as a whole, from the cultivation of the vines to the winemaking process. It’s a challenge we face every year to try to bring out the best possible fruit, always dealing with the climate, weather, and natural difficulties.

I appreciate the entire process, especially understanding that everything is connected: each step in the vineyard affects the end product in the cellar. Every year we can learn, adapt to unexpected situations, and always aim for the best possible result.

Have you witnessed a change within the last years within the industry? Do you see it as negative or positive?

The change that I have observed in recent years is a strong trend of companies moving towards organic products, which is certainly a good thing, but I would like it to be the result of a choice made for the environment and not just for commercial reasons. The production of food in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible should be a sincere and more widespread approach.

What are the most valuable things you’ve been taught to get to where you are now?

My job has taught me the humility of never thinking that I know how to do something better than someone else, the open-mindedness of always trying to learn new things from anyone I meet, and the desire to put into practice what I learn every year, with patience and passion.

What is unique about the environment you work in? What can you find here you can’t find elsewhere?

In Belvedere, there is a great deal of respect among colleagues and collaborators, and it is very evident that the company places a great deal of attention towards its people, in a way that I have never found in other companies. This makes the work enjoyable and the mutual collaboration strong.

What advice would you give someone who would consider entering the business?

Don’t be in a hurry to establish yourself; try to learn as much as possible so that over time you can provide support to the team by approaching the company’s style and intentions, all heading in the same direction. Definitely try to put all your passion into the work.

At the same time, however, I also advise not to be blinded by solutions that work well elsewhere and copy them exactly, because even with minor changes in the environment where they have not been developed, they could have completely different results.

What keeps you going when the going gets tough (when things are more difficult)?

I am intrigued by challenges; I enjoy seeking solutions to problems. Difficulties motivate me because they make everything stimulating. It is important in my work to always patiently seek solutions to the most difficult issues.

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