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Chief Guido Haverkock at Tavola Di Guido

About Guido Haverkock

Guido Haverkock is an extraordinarily talented chef.
His love for food, poised between tradition and innovation, is at the heart of the special culinary experience you’ll have at Tavola di Guido.
He applies his culinary vision by exploring many of the new dietary requirements and trends, catering to his guests’ palates and requests.
He is passionate about music, especially rock, blues, hip-hop, and acid jazz: Guido loves to listen to different genres when he is in the kitchen preparing his dishes.
In his free time he travels, explores new cooking techniques, and loves riding his motorcycle.

Chief Guido Haverkock at Tavola Di Guido

When did you find out you wanted to do your craft and pursue your passion?

I started at the age of 16 just to quit school and to make my parents upset.  After a year and a half, I got very passionate about my job. So it is after 35 years.

What do you like most about your work?

You never quit learning and it’s never boring. I love to train my staff to get as passionate about this job as I am. It’s fantastic how many people I can make happy with what I’m doing.

What are the most valuable things you’ve been taught to get to where you are now?

Never give up, fight for your ideas and stay humble. Always give your best possible.

What is unique about the environment you work in? What can you find here you can’t find elsewhere?

The high number of super passionate colleagues. The incredible beauty of this place and what we were able to create in 10 years. Best boss ever . 

What advice would you give someone who would consider entering the business?

Be aware of what this job is all about. It’s more a lifestyle than a job. Passion and the love of what you do are the most important ingredients.

What keeps you going when the going gets tough (when things are more difficult)?

Look and enjoy the beauty all around here matched with good music and a cigarette.

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