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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
with Love from One Belvedere

Indulge your senses in the genius of nature. Truly Tuscany.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Indulge your senses in the genius of nature.
Truly Tuscany.

Indulge your senses in the genius of nature. Truly Tuscany.

Indulge your senses

With Olio, the extra virgin olive oil from One Belvedere. Produced from our own 12 hectare farm, the olive trees featuring Maurino and Leccino olives are farmed using organic and biodynamic techniques before each olive is manually harvested and the oil extracted via cold pressing.

A man's hand holding a bottle of Olio, а olive oil from One Belvedere, and placing it on a food.

From our Home to Yours

A product of the highest quality – sustainably made with olives that are manually harvested from our olive groves at One Belvedere. 

In Tune with Nature

We adhere closely to the principles of regenerative agriculture. Our olives grow in an environment rich with diverse flora and fauna. All creatures are safe within the sanctuary that is One Belvedere.

A bottle of Olio extra vrigin Olive oil from One Belvedere standing on the ground.

Olio - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Indulge your sense in Nature’s genius. Truly Tuscany.

Want to Learn more?

The olive harvest in Tuscany is always a celebration and for Tuscans, the arrival of new oil is almost as exciting as Christmas. In the warm, bright 2023 vintage, the olive harvest was particularly exciting for us; it represented the first step on our journey as natural farmers. The harvest began on October 31st and ended on November 8th, it was perfect and abundant. The olives, harvested in 18kg boxes each, were pressed the same day from the harvest, and the oil was cold extracted to keep the natural aromatic and nutritional value intact.

A bottle of Olio, а olive oil from One Belvedere, standing on the table with the plant behind it.

5 ha (12 acres)

Westernmost side of Castellina in Chianti township, on a southwest-facing fluvial terrace.

Silty-clay with the random lens of pebbles. It’s a deep, fresh, sandstone soil with a sedimentary genesis.

300 plant\hectar

Organic and Biodynamic

Leccino, Frantoio, Maurino, Pendolino, Moraiolo.

Polyconic vase

100% manual in 18 kg boxes

Manual harvest, mechanical removal of the leaves and eventual foreign bodies, rinsing, pressing, kneading, and cold and oxygen-free extraction. The oil gets stored for very few days in a stainless steel container under inert gas and temperature controlled.

L’olio EVO One Belvedere alla vista si presenta di color chartreuse with green-lime reflex.
The smell’s intense, defined by rukola leaf and fresh cut grass.
The taste is round, lightly fruity, very delicate in the mouth entrance, and robust in the mouth center due to the generous polyphenolic compounds, very artichoky, and asparagus with a long aftertaste of almond and medium-intensity spiciness.

Olive oil, especially handcrafted and natural olive oil like ours, is a living product, so it changes over time. This is why young olive oil pairs wonderfully with flavorful, spicy, and salty dishes like Fiorentina steak, raw dishes, or classic bruschetta. As the oil matures, it slowly loses its bright green color and turns golden yellow. Its taste also becomes milder, fruitier, and significantly less herbal and bitter, making it perfect for delicate dishes like fish, vegetables, or white meat.

40 ha (acres)

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