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About Noemi Pieri

Noemi Pieri, born in this wonderful Chianti area to which I am very close, after linguistic studies and 13 years of work experience in the legal sector, finally from 2023 I have the opportunity to become part of this beautiful reality.

In fact, my greatest ambition has always been to be able to work in contact with everything the local area offers, as happens here at Belvedere.

I am a very sunny person, I love being in a group and making the people around me feel good.

Among my greatest passions I can certainly say travel, the countryside and good wine.

I have always been a nature lover and I want to pass on the same values and traditions to my daughter Vittoria.

Noemi Pieri

When did you find out you wanted to do your craft and pursue your passion?

I worked for 13 years in a notary’s office as a clerk, and I realized that I needed a change in my life and new stimulation; working in close contact with nature and the riches that our territory offers has always been my greatest ambition.

What do you like most about your work?

The varied growth opportunities it offers.

What are the most valuable things you’ve been taught to get to where you are now?

The respect, appreciation, and sense of belonging and familiarity that is created in a workplace; only then is it possible to work well and accomplish goals.

What is unique about the environment you work in? What can you find here you can’t find elsewhere?

The atmosphere and collaboration.

What advice would you give someone who would consider entering the business?

Have a lot of determination and desire to grow, always!

What is It that makes you happy indoor everyday routine/life?

First of all, my daughter Vittoria, her birth changed my life.  Generally, I love to be useful for people around me and be able to help them in everyday life. 

And certainly country, wine, and good food! they open my heart!!

What are your hopes for the next generations?

To raise a world that is more aware and respectful of others. More honesty and willingness to put themselves out there with sacrifice and determination.

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